Here at Jones Custom and Collision Center we strive for excellence! We are dedicated to making our customers happy, so we feel the customer is always right. We enjoy challenging ourselves with different ideas whether it is the customer’s idea or our own. If at anytime you want to check on your vehicles status, we encourage you to stop by the shop and check out the production. We have set up a very customer friendly environment so you can be comfortable while we take care of you. Each technician employed by Jones Custom and Collision is a professionally trained in their field.

Insurance/Collision Repair:

~We work with all Insurance companies~

Here at Jones Custom and Collision we take all of our work serious. We put the customer and their vehicle first. If there are any hidden repairs, we will get an approval from you before they are repaired. This will prevent any hidden charges along the way. No job is to big or small. Whether it’s a simple alignment job, a small scratch from the neighbor kids bike, or a complete rebuild on a vehicle. We do it all! So feel free to stop by and get an estimate, it is free of cost and it will get you started in the right direction. When the shop finishes working on the vehicle, it is then washed front to back, and the interior is wiped down, followed by vacuuming it out, we do this to insure that we haven’t left a mess behind and plus who doesn’t enjoy jumping into a clean car!

We are on preferred shop list for Shelter Insurance and Missouri Farm Bureau

Custom Work:

At Jones Custom we enjoy the custom side of things. There is nothing like restoring a vehicle back to mint condition and seeing the customers reaction when they come to pick the vehicle up. We do it all:

  • Car Audio & Video
  • Body Kits
  • Hoods
  • Grills
  • Custom Paint
  • Custom Airbrushing
  • Murals & Graphics
  • Shaved Door Handles
  • Shaved Tailgate Handle
  • Deleted Tail lights
  • Lighting upgrade
  • Lambo Doors
  • Custom Interior
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Brake Packages/Upgrades
  • Raise & Lower kits
  • Air Ride

We do our best to update the website on a regular basis so we can always keep our customers updated with our latest creations or ideas that we come up with here at the shop!

Important Facts:

No law requires that you get more than one insurance estimate.

You are not obligated to use any particular shop to obtain repairs, in other words your insurance company can try to direct you to a certain shop that’s convenient for them but when it comes down to it its your decision.

You do not have to accept your Insurance Company’s appraisal of the damage on your vehicle. See the “Appraisal Clause” in your policy information to resolve differences.

You are responsible for the cost of repairs, your vehicle will not be released to leave until you have come to an agreement with the shop or the balance is paid in full.

Our shop is made up of professionally trained technicians who will do a quality job of restoring your vehicle and returning it to you in a timely manner at a fair price.